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The Motoclimb Super Series was formed in late 2017 by four promoters across the United States. There has never been a motorcycle hillclimb series connecting both sides of the country, and a true national championship was long overdue. The promoters of Poags Hole, the Valley Springs Motorcycle Club, the Eagle Ridge Motorcycle Club, and the Carnegie Classic joined their existing race venues together to create this series.

Simplifying the format of existing series, the Motoclimb Super Series only hosts two points classes, the 450 Main (side by side) and Open. Using traditional motocross points for each class and race, only one champion is crowned at the end of the season. This exciting format raises the stakes for each round, and brings more attention to the athletes at the top.

IRC Tire noticed the success of the inaugural season, and have come on board for the 2019 season as the series title sponsor. IRC has a long and successful history in the sport, and it is a honor to have them be a part of the sport's growth nationwide. Since the formation of this series, we had a common vision to grow this sport by increasing the exposure of the athletes and hills they race on. Focusing on social media, professionalism, and a national presence will help bring light to this emerging extreme sport!

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